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I am a road sign on the highway of life.
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in girlychica's LiveJournal:

Thursday, February 10th, 2005
3:44 pm
My serious illness
I am sooooo sick. I hate being sick.

I am watching the Big Lebowski.
If I had some milk and liquor, I would take the Lebowski challenge, right now, persistent cough be damned!

So Brandeis has been jerking me around lately. Brandeis is, for those of you who don't know, my abusive boyfriend. I'm all, why you gotta treat me like that? And Brandeis is all, you deserved it! Wham! Bam! Also, you owe me mucho dinero! And then, once my tears stop, I pay tuition.

Thus came my great idea to escape this fucked up relationship between Brandeis and I: full year study abroad!
While spring semester in London is pretty much a definate, I've been entertaining the dream of fall semester in Australia. And then, I saw this Australia shirt on Urban Outfitters, and I took it as a sign that I was proceeding in the right direction. And then yesterday, I get an email that they are out of the Australia shirt. Is this a sign that I will be eaten like Kangaroo's like on friend insists?

I am at a loss.

Current Mood: Comme d'habitude
12:14 am
Another quick post
Ok, so if anyone watches that MTV show Sweet Sixteen, or something, the one with the boy, Hart, who is kind of cute, but kind of sad? I know him. His step-mother, the blonde one, Josephine, is Josephine Sasso of Josephine Sasso designs. I was her bitch (employee) last summer. Hell on earth. But she made me go to her house to clean out her garage, and I met her step-son, Hart, and husband. Those bratty kids at the party? At least a few probably went to my high school. They live five minutes from house. Freaky.

Current Mood: Still sick.
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
11:59 pm
First Post Evah!
Despite being sick as a dog, I made a livejournal, mostly due to pressure from Emily S. I wrote my first entry during my Music and Globalization class today.

A list of songs Amanda thinks you should download illegally right now, for various reasons, and other things that make me happy:

Best band name ever: Harry and the Potters.
(apparently they played at Chums and I had no idea)

Best song title that represents my actual stymied emotional state: Caring is Creepy by the Shins

Best song that makes me long for highschool and it's fucked up social interactions/Best song that makes me want to get a job, if only so I can get innapropriately involved with a co-worker: Work by Jimmy Eat World

Best song that makes me want to be a cast member of the Royal Tenenbaums ever more than usual (just call me Margo): Everyone by Van Morrison

Best song to play loudly in order to alienate, confuse, or just upset your uber-jewish neighbors that also makes you wanna get down: Jesus Walks by Kanye West

Best song for every happy occasion, but really best for hurtling down the highway in a '92 saturn with a car full of near strangers getting full-on stoned out of your mind on the way to the mall: Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard by Paul Simon
-Bonus: After the break in music, if everyone manages to come in at the "wo-ah" in unison at the correct time, then this group is meant to create mallrat history.

Best song usurped by a Best Buy commercial that none-the-less still totally rocks, and was played during an Internatinal and Global Studies class today: Just What I Needed by The Cars.

And on that note, I heart Ric Ocasek.
What songs do you think I should download next?

Current Mood: And sick.
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